1991 Diploma di Maturita' d’Arte applicata sezione "Arte del legno" presso l’istituto d’Arte di Oristano.Sito Web: http://www.istarteor.it/

1996 Diploma di Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino, sezione "Decorazione", argomento della tesi: ”Arte povera”, relatore: Proff.Alessandro Petromilli. Docente del corso l'artista Bruno Ceccobelli.Sito Web: http://www.accademiadiurbino.it/


In M.M.’s paintings, you touch unknown lands, inhabited by beings caught in the space of an image. You feel an intruder but plunged in a pleasant sensation. A stranger: the relationship between observer and observed seems continuously inverted. Their posture, their tangible silences, their vivacious colours in strong contrast to those enigmatic presences, question you. M.M’s images are a revelation of his mind, like chromatic symbolic spaces where his expressive gesture best comes into being. The canvas as a “perfect” container is destined to lose its value. The artist’s personality will bend any material and divert it from its common use. It is M.M’s need to express himself, to create individual and necessary paths for his personal way of existing. In this manner, even an apparently insignificant object like a bread bag can become the threshold to another dimension. M.M creates access to this interior “non-space” following a spontaneous and irrational need. It’s as though his glance captures casual hints, which absorb him within their interior: internal worlds and fluctuating planets surface. Worlds born from his imagination absorb vital lymph to enjoy a life of their own. Fragments of his soul emerge before his eyes, leaving him as the only and primordial witness of privileged visions, organic demonstrations of an ancient form of communication. The process of his creations are similar to a revelation, an internal implosion that, like chemical reactions, impresses his photosensible soul materialising in contrasts of colours and shapes. Melis thus becomes a “voyeur” of his own identity; his mind carefully questions and is in turn questioned by his own soul.

The result is a paradoxically perfect fusion between a “self” and another “self” that are not in contrast but an extension of each other. It’s as if his works were a mirror reflection of his most intimate dual “self” and of his manifold moods. The colours thus are a meaningful metaphor: acid and dissonant colours which inevitably attract through their hypnotic power. A sense of bewilderment overcomes the observer but in spite of this sensation a strange feeling of familiarity slowly emerges. Observing more carefully “places” representing the magical moon-atmospheres, an unconscious echo of landscapes of his land of origin emerges: Sardinia and more precisely of the "campidano oristanese", where he was born and grew up. These are protected images that now form his inner horizons. The very same visages of his beings bring to mind the typical “Mamuthones masks” of the Sardinian tradition. M.M’s re-elaborations are based on a strongly internal and necessary logic that elevate these shapes and these colours to ideal containers of his essence. It’s an ideal continuation where the suspended time of memory interacts with the daily flow of life thriving to conquer a different subjectivity. M.M.’s paintings become the elective ground for a new contour of his identity; visual words destined to transmit his personal research of a precise place in the direction of his complexity. The place of experience that stimulates knowledge. A path where the starting and point of arrival rotate in a particular state of tension that continuously nourishes the creative circuit of the artist.